Take out the Trashman

Today, the Southeast Caucus of the Pennsylvania State Republican Committee held a straw poll to vote on which candidate they are going to endorse for 2018.  Your unofficial Southeast Caucus results for Governor:

Wagner 40

Turzai 32

Mango 6

Ellsworth 0

Wagner has been winning straw polls all across Pennsylvania.  The official PAGOP endorsement meeting is coming up in February.

I saw Scott Wagner speak at the Montgomery County Republican Committee fall dinner.  Going into that dinner, he was my favorite candidate.  His improbable election to Senate via a write-in campaign during a special election in 2014 was impressive. But as the evening progressed and I heard him speak, he dropped far in my estimation.  He was coarse, he could not think on his feet, had trouble connecting with his audience, and every answer to every question was framed in the context of his trash business.  I respect a successful businessman, but truly, not every answer to Pennsylvania’s political challenges can be answered with an anecdote about garbage.

And that was before I found the full extent of the personal issues in Wagner’s background.  Did State Committee really ignore the baggage they all know is out there on Scott Wagner?

Like this.

And this.

Does the Republican Party really want to have to spend the better part of the next year explaining this video?

OK, I’ll stipulate that the reporter was a bordeline stalker and a bit of a jerk, I’ll stipulate that Wagner’s back child support was reduced and that his daughter has somewhat softened her stance against her father, and even that there may have been some exacerbating substance abuse issues involved.

I’ll stipulate all of it, so please don’t waste your time here carrying water for Scott Wagner.

Because doesn’t the Republican Party have enough water to carry with POTUS?  Don’t we have enough anger and hostility to overcome?  And didn’t we just see the last Trump clone, Roy Moore, go down in flames to a Democrat in the deeply red state of Alabama?  Only Trump can be Trump and his election was lightning in a bottle against a particularly abhorent and criminal opponent.  It cannot, and probably should not, be duplicated.

Wagner’s altercation with the tracker, the PFA filed by his daughter, and child support problems are public knowledge in political circles and in York, but they are not yet widespread knowledge in the rest of the Commonwealth.  That’s not going to last.

And I’m hearing there are more stories to come.

If the Republican Party thinks they can ignore these issues, please rest assured that neither the Democrats nor the Press will.

2 thoughts on “Take out the Trashman

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