Pathetic Paparazzi

Why does Lori Kasper feel the need to capture my ladies’ room visit on her cell phone?

What possible interest could she have in my restroom visit that she felt compelled to surreptitiously capture it on video?

This is a question I find myself asking as I review the video of the 10-1-18 UPT Board of Supervisor Meeting (full write-up in process and forthcoming).

fully operation

I noted that Mrs. Kasper was in attendance when I arrived at the Board meeting. At about quarter after eight, I got up from my seat to use the ladies’ room. When I emerged, I was so preoccupied, and quite frankly , amused, with the obvious effort she was putting into the glare she was aiming at me, that I did not notice that she was recording me on her cell phone.


And I didn’t even know about it until I watched the video of the meeting. The picture nearby is of the back of Mrs. Kasper at the Monday, October 1, 2018 Upper Providence Board of Supervisors Meeting. So there can be no confusion on the videos that follow, Mrs. Kasper appears on the bottom right of the screen. She is wearing a black short sleeve shirt and has long brown hair. She is sitting immediately behind the two follicly-challenged Trappe firemen.

Here is a clip of the relevant part:

Or you can simply fast forward in the video of the full meeting (below) to the time counter 1:14:17.

Here is what you are seeing:

At 1:14:17, the Township camera picks up Mrs. Kasper getting out her cell phone and aiming it towards the Ladies’ Room. This was when I left my seat.

At 1:15:46, you can see Mrs. Kasper zooms in on the folding chairs, and then raises her phone to focus on the Ladies’ Room exit.

At 1:16:26, you can just make me out on Mrs. Kasper’s cell phone as I emerge from the Ladies Room. After a few swipes and clicks, Mrs. Kasper takes off her paparazzi hat, does whatever it is she is going to do with this valuable and controversial piece of footage and sits back in her seat.

Why would anyone do this?

It’s laughable.

I’m sure she’ll try to come up with some kind of lame passive-aggressive excuse for this creepy behavior now that it has been caught on Township cameras. But it’s really all part and parcel of the crowd she runs with. As disturbing and creepy as this behavior is, this is really nothing new for me. When you stand up for what you believe in, you inevitably make enemies. And sometimes you get one who is both especially spiteful and charmingly charismatic, who is able to recruit a whole cadre of pliable minions, including Mrs. Kasper, to do his bidding.

This has been my life for about three years.

In April of 2016: my husband was sitting in his truck in our driveway when a township employee drove past my house, slowed down, and blatantly snapped a picture of my house while on Township time. Caught outright by my husband and confirmed via GPS, the employee admitted to taking the picture, but supposedly deleted the photo immediately thereafter and claimed that he was just “fooling around with his phone,” an excuse that nobody was buying. I let the issue pass rather than put the Township through an ugly and embarrassing personnel issue, but I have no doubt whatsoever that he was put up to this task.

Why does anyone need a picture of my house? For that matter, why would anyone drive down my street, past a restored 1951 pickup truck, past a house under construction, and past a house that had been abandoned for 8 years, and think that MY house was the most interesting thing on the block on which to “fool around with” a new camera? It’s not to get ideas for that curb appeal show on HGTV, that is for sure.

February of 2017 marked the beginning of my campaign for re-election. My two running mates, Paul Newlin, Kevin Holohan, and I met at the Perky Café in Oaks for an initial campaign strategy meeting. It certainly wasn’t a secret meeting, but I never anticipated that someone would not only photograph us, but eavesdrop and report back to one of the minions as well. The following text was sent to Kevin Holohan by Upper Providence First Worst Chairman Jim White, as if a meeting as part of the endorsed Republican ticket for Supervisor, was somehow a betrayal. Turns out it very much was, at least as far as Jim White and his pals in Upper Providence First Worst were concerned.



I decided to make lemonade with the picture.


Here’s a super controversial picture from last February, 2018,

Lisa Mossie pic at 20 Meredith Rd

taken of me getting into my car after getting a signature from a resident, John Leonard, for my petition for state committee. This picture was presumably taken by Jim White. White sat on this photo until June, when he finally sent this bombshell to every member of the Upper Providence Republican Committee (including me), the Area 4 leader of the Republican Committee, and the new chairman of the MCRC, Liz Havey, as evidence that I….know some people in my township who will sign a petition for me.

The screed accompanying this picture can be found at the link below, but be warned, the hyperbole and anger level will exhaust you. I include it only for context.


There are two sides to every story. White’s is linked above; in a nutshell, White claims Mr. Leonard “stole” his money.

Mr. Leonard, on the other hand, claims that the money in question was a payment from White—made by personal check—for services rendered: those services having to do with an attempt to publicly smear me, allegedly at the request of White and John Pearson, at a Board of Supervisors meeting in late 2015. Mr. Leonard telephoned me in April 2016 to apologize to me for listening to what he said were “all sorts of lies” about me and for allowing himself to be used for a political dirty trick. Coincidentally, this is the only reason I ever got to know Mr. Leonard, and I was never aware of his supposed “host of crimes.”

It’s always slippery when one attempts to paint someone else as guilty by association, especially when that guilt has not been established. And if you are a person who regularly socializes with someone who pleaded guilty, the morning after Josh Shapiro was elected as Attorney General, to defrauding PennDOT of almost a million dollars, it could be a little dangerous, too.

Montco businessman charged in PennDot graft probe 041715

But some folks live their lives by the motto, “Do as I say, not as I do.” As long as they keep writing checks, feckless politicians will still clamor to sip their chardonnay.

just like us

I don’t even remotely understand this behavior. Of what possible use can these pictures be for anyone? Are these minions doing a feature for Us Magazine: Lisa Mossie, she’s just like us! She goes to the Ladies’ Room! She has a house! She goes to local restaurants! She drives a car! She knows people!

I kid, I kid. I mean, I’m really quite sure it’s more nefarious than that, but unfortunately for them, I live a pretty boring life.

Keep in mind, these are just the incidents that I know of (and let’s not even talk about the folks who were allegedly hired –possibly on the taxpayer dime—to follow me around in 2017). It’s as if these people have no sense of boundaries.

Speaking of boundaries, this story made the news today; the man arrested was a former Township supervisor in Northampton Township, Bucks County. Was he just a sexual predator, or did he target these women for political reasons? This story just broke today and is still developing, however, color me intrigued.

A former Northampton Township, Pennsylvania, supervisor and his girlfriend are accused of getting a woman drunk and then using spy glasses and a webcam to take photographs of her while she was unconscious.

Lawrence Jay Weinstein, 44, and Kelly Drucker, both of Northampton Township, are charged with false imprisonment, invasion of privacy, recklessly endangering another person, criminal conspiracy and violations of the Pennsylvania Wiretap Act.

Investigators say Weinstein and Drucker plotted last fall to spike a woman’s drink with high-proof alcohol so that she’d be unable to drive and be forced to go to Drucker’s house where a webcam was placed in the bathroom.

“Don’t let her go to the bathroom until she gets back to your place,” Weinstein allegedly texted Drucker.

Gross. Like taping someone going to the ladies’ room. Full story at NBC10.

Look, I fully understand the consequences of politics. I have never played nice in the sandbox with powerful politicians who want to damage my Township, and sometimes it can hurt a fragile male ego when a girl won’t just succumb to that charming charisma, and let the power players off easy like she’s supposed to.

But even puppet masters have bosses, and sometimes those bosses are more concerned with their own ambition than with any sense of loyalty. It’s all fun and games playing Quizzo down at the Dive Bar, until one of these days, one of these angry little minions that have been expertly wound up into a frothy lather of obsession and hate crosses the line and exposes the big mahoff to even a tiny hint embarrassment by association.

That day is coming, because these people are out of all reasonable control with their behavior.

If you ever wondered, Gentle Reader, why I blog with such intensity, it’s because my passion for this Township has not cooled simply because I am no longer in a position to make decisions for it. But a portion of my reasoning—a good portion—is for self-defense. And to expose to residents to how they are being manipulated by the political players behind the scenes. As an elected official, I couldn’t say any of this, but as a private citizen—and that’s what I am, a private citizen, not a celebrity or a public figure—I can finally tell my side of the story.

Make sure you get my good side next time, Mrs. Kasper.

Quizzo at the dive barQizzopt2


So if you follow your humble blogress on Facebook, you know that this post caused a bit of a firestorm.  What I didn’t expect, and could not have hoped for, was that these folks would so generously confirm for the whole world that they have, indeed, been creepily stalking me and that the incidents I cited above are by no means the only ones.

Incredibly, within hours, Jim White (far right, in the picture above) put up the following post; his wife and Mrs. Kasper were eager to comment:

white keepbloggin

white comments

I’m sure that White thought this picture would embarass me, and it’s true that it’s definitely not flattering and certainly not when I was looking my best.  However, I’m so very pleased that he posted it because it perfectly illustrates EXACTLY who these people are.

As for those “one sided” blog posts Mrs. Kasper is complaining about….well, yeah.  This is a blog.  There’s a disclaimer right up in the right hand sidebar EXPLAINING that these are my opinions.  Mrs. Kasper has never been shy about posting her opinions on her own facebook page, yet for some strange reason, there has never been a single rebuttal to any of the “fairy tales” that are contained in this blog.


And now we’ll never see them, since she took her facebook page private.  But she couldn’t leave without a parting shot:


Oh wait.  She’s not quite done…one more parting shot:


There’s really only one thing I can say about this:

It’s laughable.

5 thoughts on “Pathetic Paparazzi

  1. Jim Mollick

    Wow. The only reason people go through this much trouble and effort is because you are popular, effective and most importantly telling the truth. As Michael Corleone said in GF 3. It is dangerous to be an honest man or woman. Watch those bathroom breaks!!

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